Esthetics and Advanced Makeup Artistry


Many people think that transitioning from a makeup enthusiast into a professional makeup artist is an easy feat. However, as those in the makeup industry will be quick to tell you, a formal education from an academy of makeup can make the difference between a hobby and a real profession. Quality makeup training from a makeup artist school is not only important but essential if you plan on making a career of this interest. Makeup artist schools provide students with a more extensive variety of skills that are difficult to master at a higher professional level on one’s own. As your education progresses, you will most likely zero in on a particular area of professional makeup application, and can build up your portfolio for eventual placement in this field.

International Academy’s Esthetics and Advanced Makeup Artistry Program combines the training to become a Professional Makeup Artist with the availability to obtain your Florida Facial Specialist Licensure.  This combination mixes creativity with credibility.  Students will learn everything necessary to file for their Florida Facial Special License (Esthetician) and learn a comprehensive Advanced Makeup Program consisiting of Makeup application, Airbrushing, Special FX makeup and Permanent Makeup (Cosmetic Tattooing).  In addition to the knoweldge and training in each area, the student will build their professional Makeup Artist portfolio though multiple photo shoots and hours of hands on training to developing their own website to promote their professional Makeup abilities.

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Weekly Class Schedules:

Full-time Days: 30 hours per week, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday
Part-time Nights: Minimum of 20 hours per week, 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.

See Admissions Page for 2018 Class Start Dates.

What you will learn upon completing the Esthetic (310 hour Skin Care Hair Removal and Spa Training):
    Phase 1:  Advanced Make-up and Airbrushing
  • Color Theory
  • The Evolution of Makeup
  • Practical Basic Makeup application
  • Facial Anatomy and Physiology
  • Creating Vision Boards using Color Theory
  • Completing Make-up Consultations
  • Make-up Application for Weddings
  • Make-up for High Fashion
  • Make-up for High Definition Media
  • Make-up application for Teens
  • Transformations-Male to Female
  • Camouflage Make-up
  • Airbrush Make-up

Phase 2: Special FX Make-up

  • Latex Prosthetics
  • Character Design and Execution
  • Zombies and Dead Simulation
  • Bald Cap Application and Coloring
  • Aging, Bruises, Burns, Bullet Wounds and Injury Simulation
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror

Phase 3:  Permanent Makeup

  • Introduction
  • Equipment/Product Knowledge
  • Medical Pigmentation
  • Makeup Application
  • Sanitation/Steralization