Student Services

Slide23Personal care careers are a growing industry. If you are looking for a career in cosmetology, a nail tech career, becoming a barber, a massage therapist or want a career in skin care International Academy has training programs for them all.
Our career planner does their very best to assist every student from the beginning to the end of their study program. They can help you plan out your career path for the future. And even though no school can guarantee placement we can help you with building your resume, putting together a list of prospects and interview success techniques in order to help you find that dream position. 
Additional Services Provided For Students:
Besides career placement our Career Planner is ready to assist you with other services that will help you achieve your career goals. As a student ongoing assistance is provided in the following areas:
• Housing
• Car pooling
• Study Buddies
• Graduation
Whatever you need, we are here to help!
Students With Disabilities:
     There are special facilities for students with a disability at this Academy (ie., parking, ramps to sidewalks, bathroom facilities, foot tubs and shampoo sink).  The Academy will make every effort to accommodate people with specific disabilities.  There are no reduced tuition or costs for students with disabilities.