Privacy Policy

International Academy respects your privacy. We will treat your information provided to us with the utmost privacy considerations. We will use your private information only for transacting business with us. We will never compromise your trust in us in regards to your privately held information. We do not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security, and will not be used in ways you have not consented.

1. How does International Academy view customer privacy?

International Academy and its affiliates value customer privacy because our customers value their privacy and because we value our customers. Customer privacy is a priority in the online commerce brought to the customer through our services.

2. What information is considered private?

All information pertaining directly to the customer is considered private. This information includes the following: name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, and personal identification.

3. Who is authorized to view private information?

International Academy with whom the customer registered is authorized to view that customer’s private information so that administrators are better able to serve that particular customer when and if the customer contacts the school for questions and service. International Academy staff is authorized to view a registered customer’s private information for business purposes.

4. Who is not authorized to view private information?

Anyone who is not an authorized International Academy staff member, a staff member of the retail affiliate servicing a customer, or a staff member of a transaction service or financial institution involved in the financial transaction process, is not authorized to view private information under normal circumstances.

It is not the policy of International Academy to release a customer’s private information to businesses and organizations engaged in commercial mailings and the like. A customer submits private information for the exclusive purpose receiving service.

5. Are there security risks for which International Academy cannot be held responsible?

When a customer sends private information to International Academy through any method other than the International Academy Secure Server, no guarantee of the security of private information is provided. All e-mails, telephone calls, letters, and other forms of communication not through the International Academy Secure Server, should be considered insecure and able to be intercepted in transit by unauthorized parties. International Academy considers the likelihood of interception of such forms of communication by unauthorized parties low but finds it necessary to point out the risk of such interception.

6. Is there any other information that does not fit the “private” classification and that International Academy can record?

International Academy and its affiliates frequently have access to information that is not directly related to the customer himself or herself. International Academy has the ability to record a user’s IP address (the address that identifies a user’s computer on the Internet); however, in most cases, this information cannot be traced back to the customer. Other information accessible to the International Academy’s systems through the Internet includes, in many cases, the customer’s operating system, browser software description, browser version, domain name, and referring web page source.

International Academy may use “cookies,” or information stored on a customer’s computer, for the purpose of providing online services to the customer. It is the opinion of International Academy that the use of “cookies” will always benefit the customer, when applicable, by providing a profile related to the customer’s online history with International Academy and the customer’s preferences.

7. International Academy: Accuracy of Information

International Academy takes measures to ensure the accuracy of material on its Web site. In the rare event of inaccurate information being presented on its Web site, International Academy disclaims responsibility for such inaccuracy but will correct the inaccurate information as soon as possible once informed of the inaccuracy.