(* Section 486(e) Higher Education Act of 1998 and the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (485 (f), Higher Education Act, 1965) and ( VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2013-Publ Law 113-4)

2014 – 2015

International Academy, has designated Mrs. Annette Dejournett, General Manager, as the contact person for reporting any problems relating to on campus security issues and the reporting of crimes.  Also Mrs. Dejournett is the designated Title IX Administrator.  International Academy does not have on-campus housing, nor does the Academy participate in any outside collegiate athletic activities or have non-campus facilities/ remote classrooms.   International Academy has a zero tolerance for any offense mentioned in this report.

Security Policies and Security Procedures

 If I see a crime happening or I’m a victim of a crime what do I do?

1.             International Academy, encourages students and/or employees to promptly report any criminal activity or actions on campus with regards to murder, manslaughter, sexual offenses (forcible or non-forcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, unlawful entry, motor vehicle theft, arson, hate crimes, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, liquor law violations, drug law violations and illegal weapons possession, to the designated individual mentioned above.   Mrs. Dejournett will assist the student and/or employee in reporting the incident to state or local police authorities and keep an internal report log.

2.             Since the institution does not have private campus based security personnel, International Academy,  refers all campus law enforcement issues to state (Florida Highway Patrol-1-800-226-5350) or local police authorities, (Volusia County Sheriff-386-248-1777 or City of South Daytona Police Dept.-non-emergency #322-3030 or emergency #911), whichever is appropriate.

How can I learn about campus safety?

1.             Always be aware of what is going on around you. Your eyes and ears are your best prevention.  International Academy staff encourages students attending on the night time schedule to leave the building in groups and to not linger in the parking lot alone after dark.  It’s the Academy’s policy that no staff member closes and leaves the school at night while students are still on the premises (ie; in the parking area). 

2.             The Academy has South Daytona Police Department representatives visit our school, upon request, to address the student and employee assembly in safety and security procedures and crime watch programs for both themselves, and our institution.

3.             International Academy, has formally requested that South Daytona Police Department notify this institution of criminal activity that may have been engaged in by this institutions students at off-campus locations.  Should notification of this type be received and the criminal activity is perceived to be an immediate threat to the student body, notification will be made through our Emergency Response Notification System via cell text and website.  The Emergency Response Notification System is tested at least once annually.

4.             For the safety of the campus all classrooms have phone systems with availability to call 911 should an ambulance or police be needed.  Both buildings have complete fire, sprinkler and burglary alarm systems in place in the event of an emergency.  Should one of these types of emergencies take place please follow your instructor’s directions in a calm and orderly manner.   If the emergency requires you to exit the building do so quickly and calmly.  If the emergency is weather related, please remain inside, and if necessary seek immediate shelter in interior hallways away from glass windows, doors and mirrors.    If prior weather alerts are available notification will come via the schools intercom system.

What do I do if a hostile intruder situation occurs on campus?

When hostile person(s) is actively causing deadly harm or the imminent threat of deadly harm is on the campus, we recommend the following:    1]   All classrooms can be locked down from the inside,  lock yourself in the room you are in at the time of the threat.   2]   If communication is available, call 911, and then call the schools front reception (767-4600 ext 221) if it can be done safely.  3]   Do not stay in open hallways.   4]   Do not sound the fire alarm. A fire alarm would signal the occupants in the rooms to evacuate the building and thus place them in potential harm as they attempted to exit.   5]  Barricade yourself in the room with furniture or anything you can push against  the door.  6]  Close the blinds or curtains if available.  Stay away from windows.  7]  Turn all lights and audio equipment off.  8]  Try to stay calm and be as quite as possible.   9]  If  you are caught in an open area such as a hallway or lounge-type area, you must decide what course of action to take; a] You can try to hide, but make sure it is a well hidden space or you may be found as the intruder moves through the building looking for victims.  b] If you decide to run, do not run in a straight line.  Keep as many objects as possible between you and the hostile person(s).  (ie; doors, columns, trees, cars etc.), c] If the person(s) is causing death or serious physical injury to others and you  are unable to run or hide, you may choose to play dead if other victims are around you. d] The last option you have if caught in an open area may be to fight back.  This  will be a dangerous choice, but it may be your best option. e] If you are caught by the intruder, and make the decision not to fight back, then follow their directions as calmly as possible and do not look them directly in the eyes. f] Once police arrive, follow all of their commands. This may involve being handcuffed until the police have the situation completely under control. 

Does the Academy have a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy?

1.             International Academy, has a written “Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy” that states the following:  “International Academy has a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse on campus.  Campus is defined as buildings or parking lot.  Any student or staff caught under the influence, or with drug paraphenalia will be subject to termination.  International Academy has Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program information and organizations available for any student and/or staff member who should have a need.   Administration is available to any student/staff member, if a problem exists and all conferences will be kept confidential.  See Admissions or Administration for complete Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy and agency information .’    This policy  applies equally to all students and employees of the Academy.  All students read and sign the policy during their enrollment period and the policy is covered again during Orientation, prior to starting classes.  As stated in the written policy it is against school regulations for any student or employee (including a minor) to possess or sell alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the school campus. (Campus is defined as all buildings and adjacent parking areas.)  Violation of the drug and alcohol abuse policy will result in a student’s and/or employee’s immediate termination and federal, state or local police authorities  being notified to properly handle the situation.

2.             The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Crisis Intervention number is 800-234-0246 and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse 24 hour Hotline & Treatment number is 800-378-4435.  Should a student or employee require additional related materials, information or need educational programs regarding alcohol and drug abuse you are encouraged to contact the administrative offices for assistance.  Pamphlets are available with treatment facility information.  

What if I am a victim of sexual assault?

1.             Whether the  rape occurs on campus or off, it is important for you to preserve evidence for proof of a criminal offense.  The individual should not bath or wash or discard any items of clothing that the assailant came in contact with until the authorities have been notified.  

2.             In the event that a sexual assault (rape), acquaintance rape, dating violence and/or other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses should occur on campus, the individual should report it immediately to Mrs. Dejournett, either by contacting her in the administrative offices (386-767-4600 ext. 223)  or by asking a staff member to contact her at home.  She will take immediate steps to see that the offense is reported to the correct authorities, if requested by the student and/or employee, and since the school does not have available on-campus counseling, mental health or other student services for victims of sex offenses, they will be encouraged to contact the Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Hotline at 386-258-7273, or 800-940-7273 if needed.  

What are my options if the sexual offense is student on student, or student and/or employee?

1.             Any sexual offense occurring between students and/or employees or both, will result in: 1] discussing the options available for changing a victim’s academic situation after the alleged sex offense,  if charges are requested by the victim, and 2] the school will implement disciplinary actions in cases of an alleged sex offense after a disciplinary proceeding.  Both the accuser and the accused will be entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding and both will be informed of the school’s final determination in any school disciplinary proceeding with respect to the alleged sex offense and any sanction that is imposed against the accused.

What if I am a victim of Domestic Violence?

1.             Domestic Violence or Domestic Abuse is more than just an occurrence of a physical offense.  The Domestic Abuse Council states: if your partner… Isolates You, Calls you Names, Humiliates or embarrasses you, Hits, slaps, shoves, kicks or bites you, Threatens to hurt you, your family, pets or friends, Behaves in ways that feel abusive to you…. Then you are not alone!  Anyone (married or not) involved in a domestically abusive situation should contact the 24 hour Crisis Hotline (386) 255-2102, (386) 738-4080 or (800) 500-1119 and seek help immediately.    If it occurs on campus, the individual should report it immediately to Mrs. Dejournett, by contacting her in the administrative offices (386-767-4600 ext. 223)  or if it occurs off campus,  then it should be reported to the nearest law enforcement authority.  State (Florida Highway Patrol-1-800-226-5350) or local police authorities, (Volusia County Sheriff-386-248-1777 or City of South Daytona Police Dept.-non-emergency #322-3030) or by dialing  emergency #911, whichever is appropriate. 

Definitions of:

                Domestic violence-means a “felony or misdemeanor crime of violence committed by-

  • A current or former spouse or intimate partner of the victim,
  • A person with whom the victim shares a child in common,
  • A person who is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the victim as a spouse or intimate partner,
  • A person similarly situated to a spouse of the victim under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction receiving grant monies [under VAWA], or
  • Any other person against an adult or youth victim who is protected from that person’s acts under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction.”

                Dating violence…means “violence committed by a person –

  • Who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim; and
  • Where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following


        1]  the length of the relationship;

        2]  the type of relationship; and

        3]  the frequency of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship.”

                Sexual assault … means an offense that meets the definition of rape, fondling, incest, or statutory rape as used in the FBI’s uniform crime reporting system.

                Stalking … means “engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person To-

  • Fear for his or her safety or the safety of others; or
  • Suffer substantial emotional distress.”

 Annual Security Report


The following are the On Campus Crime Statistics for the three (3) previous calendar school years (2013, 2012, & 2011 ):

Criminal Homicide: Burglary:

0-Manslaughter(negligent &non-negligent


0-Burglaries(unlawful trespass, forcible or non-forcible

Sex Offenses:

0-rapes (forcible & non-forcible)






Motor Vehicle Theft:

0-Motor Vehicle Theft


Aggravated Assault:

1-Aggravated Assault


0-Arson on campus

Sex Offenses:

0-Rapes (forcible & non-forcible)

Hate Crimes (by prejudice, race, gender, religion

sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability):

0-Hate crimes (ie. sex, race, religion, etc)

During the most recently completed school year (7-1-13  to  6-30-2014),  there were no arrests for the following crimes occurring  on campus:

  • liquor law violators
  • weapons possessions violators
  • drug abuse violators