Welcome Alumnus!

The Office of Alumni Affairs offers a collection of services designed to provide graduates with both professional and personal value. To view all alumni services and benefits you must log in to activate your alumni account. Once you have activated your account, you’ll have access to the following exclusive services:

  • Inform the Office of Alumni Relations of changes of your name, address, phone number, employer and e-mail.
  • Inform us of your personal news, career advancements, and other important news, so it can be included in the What’s Hot section of our website, newsletters and Facebook.
  • Notify our Career Planner, students and alumni know about employment opportunities in your company, community, or city.
  • Allow you access to our job database when you are looking for a new postion, change postions or move to another city/state?
  • Volunteer to participate as a guest lecturer or special project assistant for a class or student program.
  • Provide input with suggestions about alumni programs, classes.

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