International Students

International Academy Welcomes International Students

world3Students come from all around the globe for our programs — some 25 countries have been represented.  International Academy provides comprehensive services to help you adjust to all segments of campus life and maintain your status in compliance with immigration regulations. 

When foreign students apply for admission to International Academy, certain requirements must be met to insure compliance with US Homeland Security guidelines.  Once these requirements are met, the admissions department will notify the prospective student of their acceptance and express mail the documentation that they must submit to the Consulate office in their country for issuance of a Student (M-1) Visa.

Admission Requirements and Procedures for all International Students

  1. Complete detailed Application For Admission
  2. Non-refundable international student fee of $500.00
    1. Bank Draft or Cashier‘s Check
  3. Copy of High School Diploma or Official Transcript or High School Equivalency Certification. 
  4. These transcripts must include specific dates of school attendance, courses taken during each year of attendance, and grades received for each course.
  5. Evidence that you can read, speak and comprehend   English fluently
  6. Financial letter of affidavit support.  A letter composed by your bank on their letterhead, verifying that you have ample funds to meet your educational expenses and living expenses while attending the Academy in the USA.
  7. Three (3) passport size pictures (2″x2″)
  8. Copy of passport.
  9. Course deposit equal to (1/3) of your educational tuition
    1. Bank Draft or Cashier’s Check
    2. Fully refundable if Consulate office denies you and you are unable to attend International Academy

Upon receipt of all of your documents, your acceptance letter along with all proper visa documents will be shipped to you shipped immediately via express delivery. The conditions for admission of foreign students are identical to those for domestic students.

International Academy Graduates Home Countries


Listed below are a sampling of home countries to which our graduated students have returned.

Mexico Belgium Japan
Canada England Saudi Arabia
Turkey Italy Angola
Bahamas Bermuda Barbados
St. Marten Aruba Switzerland
Trinidad Guatemala South Africa
Honduras Senegal Lebanon
Thailand Bulgaria Russia