About Us

Our Mission
It is the Mission of International Academy to help people improve their lives through education, preparing them for employment in their chosen career.
Why International Academy?   


As a student of International Academy, we will help you create your career path.  
Here are the top ten reasons for you to choose International Academy:
Cosmetology School
  1. Educating for over 33 years.
  2. Interactive, hands-on, fun and enjoyable teaching methods.
  3. International and national travel opportunities as field trips for cultural exchange.
  4. Modern, dynamic facilities.
  5. Producing sought after graduates with job placement nationally and international in top salons and spas.
  6. Graduate students with customer service skills, technical skills and attitudes based on winning.
  7. Accreditation and industry affiliations that ensure your success.
  8. Career paths that become a reality in less than a year.
  9. Location, location, location!  International Academy is located just minutes away from the world’s most famous beach and an hour from Walt Disney theme parks.
  10. The dedication that the administrators, staff and faculty give to each and every student.  Each student is treated as an individual, not just a number.  End every day is spent filled with learning experiences to meet each students needs, so that everyone will reach their maximum learning potential and achieve their career goals in the beauty and wellness industry.
 “At International Academy, it’s not just a school…It’s a wholesome
life long experience. I am proud to say that I have been making
a difference in my student’s lives for over 30 years.”
Mez Varol
Founder and President