August 22, 2022

5 Must Have Tools to Have As a Barber

Every successful barber needs the right tools to get the job done. Becoming a barber requires having the proper tools you can add to your kit. It’s better to have a lot of tools and different styles of tools than it is to not have the right tools. You need different tools to fulfill different client requests. Barbering school is a great way for you to get the knowledge and experience you need, so you can style your client’s hair properly. Read more to get started on building your tool kit and here are 5 must have tools you need to have as a barber. 

1. Straight Razor

As a barber, you are expected to not only style hair, but to trim facial hair as well. A straight razor, also known as an open or cut-throat razor makes it easier to attempt closer shaves. Don’t worry! It’s also a safe tool used for trimming beards and mustaches. This must-have tool makes it easier to carve straight lines around the neckline. 

Be sure to prepare your station before using a straight razor, which is more important than the razor itself. Here are a few steps on how to properly prep a client’s face before shaving:

  1. Prepare hot towels
  2. Invest in a quality pre-shave oil for a smoother process
  3. Completely hydrate the skin and stubble
  4. Begin shaving once the skin is fully hydrated

When looking for a pre-shave oil, know that there are a lot of good ones out there. Some barbers prefer to mix castor and olive oils together that can work just as well. It’s also good to keep lotion on hand for those who have irritable skin. It’s best to be over prepared with all the right products for different skin types. 

5 Must Have Tools to Have As a Barber

2. Pro Shears

When you have a variety of different types of shears, you can perform a variety of styles and  fulfill customer needs. When shopping for your shears, be sure to invest in something comfortable that fits well with your hands. Here are the different types of sheers you should have as a part of your barber kit:

  • Sheers for texture and thinning
  • Heavy-duty shears
  • Scissors for Intricate styles
  • Point cutting shears
  • Straight line cutting shears

Shears can typically be used with a comb to ensure the cutting line is even. This type of technique places hair over the comb, so it can all be cut at once with scissors.

5 Must Have Tools to Have As a Barber

3. Hair Comb

There are a variety of hair combs to choose from, depending on the length and style you are looking for. It’s better to have combs in stock that can conveniently perform any type of style. You don’t want to have to say no to a client request just because you have the wrong tools. For example, a fading comb has the right teeth to create the popular fade cut. Combs also work great for blending when used with shears.

5 Must Have Tools to Have As a Barber

4. Electric Clipper

You aren’t a barber without an electric clipper or trimmer. This is an essential tool that should be on top of your list. A clipper guard can be used to create really cool designs and style your future client’s hair. Trimmers are great for quick, clean shaves for beards and mustaches as well. 

5 Must Have Tools to Have As a Barber

5. Cleaning Brush or Duster Brush

Barber brushes are necessary when cleaning and wiping off fallen hair. This is the finishing tool you need to complete the treatment. A brush is a lot more effective than using a towel and can get rid of those stubborn stray hairs that hide behind the neck.This is a tool you definitely don’t want to forget!

Ready to start shopping for your barber tools? Be sure to do your research and look at different barber tool sites that can offer you quality equipment to help you get started with your passion. 

5 Must Have Tools to Have As a Barber

Begin Your Barber Education

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