April 14, 2021

7 Benefits of a Cosmetology Career

Do you love beauty as much as we do? If you were always the one doing your friends’ hair for events when you were growing up, cosmetology could be your perfect career! As a cosmetologist, you can have the opportunity to use your creativity, form meaningful relationships, and help others look and feel their best.

If you are wondering whether this rewarding industry may be right for you, keep reading. We at International Academy have put together some of our favorite benefits of working in cosmetology to help you imagine what your future in beauty could look like. Check out these seven benefits to see if cosmetology could be your dream job!

Use Your Creativity

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As a cosmetologist, you can use your creativity daily. You can create unique color combinations for your clients, try out new haircutting techniques, play around with different styles, and more! Part of being in the beauty industry is also keeping up with the latest trends. You never know what Instagram or TikTok look clients will want next, so you will always be learning and growing!

Does the idea of sitting in an office at a desk sound dull and boring to you? If so, you may love the excitement, creativity, and change that comes with working in the beauty industry!

Flexible Work Schedule

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Whether you work as a commission stylist, freelance makeup artist, or self-employed barber, there are plenty of opportunities to create a flexible work schedule in the beauty industry. Many salons or spas allow you to choose how many and what days you work each week. You can also choose to work at a salon that is open in the day, evening, or both. That means you could get up and go to work in the mornings or sleep in and start later depending on your needs! If you are a self-employed stylist, you can have the opportunity to create whatever schedule you want.

Work for Yourself

salon owner sitting in a chair

Speaking of, did you know that about one-third of cosmetologists are self-employed? Whether your specialty is hair, makeup, or nails, there are several ways you can set up your business to work for yourself. You can rent a chair, open your own salon suite, or even open a salon or spa!

Working for yourself can give you the freedom to choose everything about your business from A to Z. That means you can offer whatever services you want (or avoid services you dislike!), choose what products you use, decide your prices, and more. If you want control over your career, becoming a self-employed cosmetologist could be the way to go!

Earning Potential

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Another great benefit of working in beauty is that your earning potential is up to you. Many salons or spas offer commission structures where the more services you do, the bigger the percentage you will get to take home at the end of the day. Additionally, if you decide to work for yourself, you can decide when it’s time for a price increase and therefore a raise.

Wondering how much you could make as a self-employed stylist? Here are the latest estimates from ZipRecruiter, which show a high amount of earning potential! If you want a career with opportunities to grow your income, beauty could be your perfect fit.

Form Meaningful Relationships

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Do you prefer working alone or working in a team? As a cosmetologist, you can have the best of both worlds! You will be able to perform your client’s service from start to finish and make the decisions on what cut or color is best based on your client’s needs. On the other hand, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a social environment and form meaningful relationships with not only your clients but your fellow stylists as well. You may find the people you meet in the salon become some of your best friends!

Career Opportunity

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As a cosmetologist, you can advance your career in a number of ways. You may start out working behind the chair in the salon and grow into education or brand ambassador roles! You may decide to manage a salon or even open your own.

Here are just a few career opportunities that exist in the industry you may choose to pursue:

  • High-end Salon Stylist
  • Freelance Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Specialist
  • Salon/ Spa Owner
  • Mobile Barber
  • Beauty Influencer
  • Educator
  • Brand Ambassador

Do any of these career opportunities excite you? We recommend finding a mentor who specializes in what interests you to help you along the way. Vivienne Mackinder and Serah Schmidt are some of our favorite online mentors to follow. You can also try visiting local salons or spas to find your mentor!

Make a Difference

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What’s one of the best benefits of working as a cosmetologist? Knowing that your work makes a difference! According to Owl Guru, 58% of cosmetologists report feeling like their work makes others’ lives better. Having a sense of purpose and meaning in your career is just one reason why psychologist Barry Schwartz ranked hairdressing as one of the top three most satisfying jobs in the world! If spending your time helping others look and feel their best inspires you, you may have been born to be a cosmetologist!

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