January 15, 2014

New Program Announced at International Academy

Hot New Program beginning February 11, 2014! The first class will be open to our Skin graduates (active licenses)! This means Spa Specialists, Cosmetology, and Full Specialty graduates that completed the 310 hours of the Skin program! The Course will consist of a 30 week curriculum. The first 11 weeks will be the Esthetic training (310 hours) which will be credited to our grads.

Then the fun begins or starts should I say, because this is where the course will begin at on Feb. 11th. This segment begins with an introduction to makeup, and continues for 10 weeks. Within this 10 week time, students will learn Color theory, The Evolution of Makeup, Practical Basic Makeup application, Facial Anatomy and Physiology to include mapping of the bones and muscles of the face, Creating Vision Boards using color theory, Completing Make-up Consultations, Make-up application for Weddings, High Fashion, and High Definition media. Also, make-up application for teens and Camouflage makeup. Then on to …Airbrush Makeup! Air brush makeup training will first consist of learning how to work, operate and properly clean the airbrush tool. Then the curriculum will continue with practical airbrushing techniques and application. Students will continue with airbrush practice and perfection. The segment also includes several photo shoot opportunities for portfolio development!

The next portion of the program moves to Special FX makeup! This consists of four intense weeks of monster mayhem! Latex Prosthetics, Character Design and Execution, Zombies and Dead Simulation, Bald Cap Application and Coloring, Aging, Bruises, Burns, Bullet Wounds and Injury Simulation. Before entering the final phase of training, the students will take part in a STUDENT FASHION SHOW!

The final phase consists of Micropigmentation, otherwise known as Permanent Makeup. As the four week intense Permanent Makeup training culminates, students prepare their final portfolios and business plans and are ready take their new career training out in the the world!

Call Ms. Tracy for more information 386-767-4600 x224. Class will be limited!

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